Nature Affects Workplace

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The Ways Nature Affects the Workplace
Human beings by design have an innate need to connect with nature. Currently, a growing number of companies are experimenting with “biophilic design”, which simply means incorporating a physical and ephemeral presence of nature within a space or a place. Biophilic design promotes the view of nature indoors, and can be as simple as incorporating a fish tank, having green or wooden walls, as well as featuring potted plants within a space. As a species, we have been incorporating elements from nature as a decorative element since ancient times, but there hasn’t been any scientific data backing up the benefits of integrating nature into a space until recent times.
Enabling the human connection to nature within an environment has been found to address the wellbeing of its occupants. Many urban-dwellers today have forgotten about their connection with nature and the natural world, and living in a world
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Incorporating natural elements in interior designs and space promotes sustainability and can increase productivity and satisfaction within a workplace. However, greenery doesn’t just have to be the incorporation of green walls or having artificial plants; offering flowers and other potted plants is an easy way to add appeal to your office or workspace. Including trees, flowers, as well as other plants into your office’s design is a simple and easy way to freshen up the space by removing toxins from the air, and the colors from the flowers can also help encourage the rooms mood. In addition to plants, offering large window views in the office or offering work breaks outdoors also allows for the interaction of nature, and will positively affect the health and stress levels within a

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