Essay on Naturalization : Becoming A Citizen Of The United States

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In today’s society it seems to be that attaining citizenship in America through naturalization is quite simply a less tedious and more straight forward process, when we compare it to the process of naturalization during the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s in America. Usually it’s a process that one can fully complete and attain citizenship regardless of their racial background, so as long as they meet the criteria of eligibility to become a citizen of the United States of course. This process of naturalization that we are all so accustomed to in today’s society was not the case during the late 1800’s where America had already implemented the Naturalization law of 1790, which only granted citizenships to “any alien, being a free white person.” In a time in America in which many immigrants were coming to America through variety of factors, whose intention were to become permanent residents. And to be able to own land, have the right to vote, and establish a foothold in America soil, one had to attain citizenship. And so the birth of the racial prerequisite cases were born, in which many were trying to reclassify themselves as white. So that they would be able to become citizens and have the rights that came with it. In Ian Haney Lopez, White By Law, Lopez discusses how there were two notable court cases that truly divided the prerequisite court cases into two, and ultimately gave rise to one and the downfall to the other. For during this time courts in America were using…

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