Naturalism And Realism In The Red Badge Of Courage

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1. Crane wrote “The Red Badge of Courage” with the intention of refuting the glorification of war. What’s fresh about this book is that Crane uses two type of fictional writing; naturalism and realism. This book is different from other books written about war.

2. I believe that the passage written by Crane deeply describes what the soldiers encountered during the bloody chaotic battle. As a reader, I think Crane’s book is much more interesting, thrilling, and easier to relate to. Crane’s story makes us feel like we are there with the soldiers in the middle of these battles. It keeps us on the edge of our seats with the thrill of the unknown, whether it will be life or death.

3. We learn he is selfless. Even though he was at great risk to
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We learn that Crane wants us as readers to feel like we are living in the book. I feel like his passage about Boyer lets us see that war isn't all about death and fighting. We see men putting their lives on the line for fellow soldiers.

5. The purpose of the writer’s actions is they were trying to show us a more detailed battle. This battle was General Robert E Lee’s greatest victory during The American Civil War. The author for the longest time didn't say which battle this was but eventually it was figured out, given how much details he used.

6. Crane’s purpose of writing the book was to explore courage in the most intimidating setting; war. The title of the book refers to a wound the protagonist suffered from one of his fellow soldiers.

7. The passages each have their own effect on the reader. Some passages are disturbing to read, and others are depressing. When the protagonist was shot from friendly fire, in my own opinion, it left me on the edge of my seat. I wanted to keep reading, and see what happened next. When Boyer sent out the letter, I felt fear, pain, and empathy for him. When he put his life out on the line for the wounded it made me just fall in love with his character for his
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I remember the feeling, almost as if it happened just yesterday. I heard them all talking around me, asking, pleading for me to say something, anything. But how could I. I stared outside, I watched the snowflakes fall and stick to the window sill. It was around lunch time and cars were zooming past, probably the teenagers from the high school down the street. I felt like I was floating, like I was taken out of my body, and then like a truck abruptly hitting me, I crashed back into reality. I was thrashing around, and sobbing uncontrollably. I felt like some reached in my chest and ripped out my heart with their bare hands, I couldn't breathe. He was gone, I didn't want to believe it. I couldn't believe my father was gone. I fought to figure out why, how, and I knew no matter how hard I wished he wasn't coming back. I finally understood the weird feeling in my stomach, and the looks I received. Pity. My body knew, it just knew something was wrong before I did. He was ripped away from me and I was left an empty

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