Natural Selection And The Theory Of Evolution Essay

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The Evolutionary Theory is a relatively new concept that has not been thoroughly proven until just recently, though the actual development of it ranges back before the 19th century. Before the theory was introduced, Carolus Linnaeus had started a new system for naming specific species- a two name system that further categorizes them based on characteristics; developed in 1735. Then in 1795, James Hutton proposed the concept that the Earth gradually changed over time; a result from changes in climate and ecosystems. Natural Selection plays a large role in the theory of evolution, it is the change that undergoes certain changes in traits of a species in order to secure the survival of its kind. The Natural Selection process was introduced in 1798 by Thomas Robert Malthus. The Evolutionary Theory was first published by Jean Baptiste in 1809, but the theory had already in the process of great discovery because the past discoveries are what led him to that conclusion. The scientist who gets the most credit is Darwin, even though he contributed evidence to the main theory in which he didn 't create but instead, modified. His contributions occurred sometime around 1844, when he published a book explaining his research and findings. The greatest discovery that made the theory almost solid fact was Tiktaalik Roseae, a fossil from approximately 375 million years ago and found in 2004. The big controversy attached to the Evolutionary Theory is between religion and science, similar to…

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