Essay about Natural Resources and Energy

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Marine aquatic ecosystems are considered to be the largest of the aquatic ecosystems on Earth. They have a high salinity and include bodies of water such as the ocean, lagoon, the deep sea, and sea floors. Once of the marine ecosystems that has been a central focus, especially recently, is the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico is located off of the Atlantic Ocean, and it is considered to have a tropical climate. According to, The Gulf of Mexico is the ninth largest body of water in the world. Some of the species or habitants that dwell in the gulf are different types of whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and sea-birds. Along the sea floor there are coral reef situated. There are also large birds The Gulf of Mexico produces a variety …show more content…
Human population also affects the nature of the Gulf of Mexico. The population among the five states that are located off of the Gulf of Mexico are expected to increase to approximately 61.4 million people by the year 2025 ( There are already problems of over fishing with our current population, so we can definitely estimate that these resources will be depleted at an even faster rate due to population growth.
The Gulf of Mexico coastal ecosystems are challenged with numerous threats. Changing climate conditions and the growing population and activities of humans in the area pose threats for many reasons. With conserving the natural environment and protecting the species we must come up with plans to sustain the ecosystem. To remain healthy and sustainable the communities of the gulf region must ensure that economic development is consistent with environmental sustainability. Get surrounding communities to pitch in and create less littering and les run off from local business into the water. We can get less people to go fishing such as over fishing and making the species such as fish become scarce. Also making sure such horrible things like the BP oil spill can never happen again. Sewage from surroundings areas must slowly stop which is hurting the oceans health. Plans need to be put into action to help clean up the ocean and conserve what is left of the ecosystem. For example such as, cleaning

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