Natural Resource Management Project For Better Management Of Water And Forest Resources

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In 2007, the World Bank funded The Natural Resource Management Project for better management of water and forest resources in the Cherangany Hills area of Kenya (The World Bank Group, 2015, para. 1).

The negative outcome was the aggressive eviction of thousands of people from their homes and the aftermath for those families. Initially the residents welcomed the initiative, because one part of the proposed project would lead to their rights to their lands being better acknowledged, but that part of the project was dropped (Kenrick, Forest Peoples Programme, 2014, p. 1). When the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) received the funding, however, they began clearing the Cherangany Hills area by burning down occupied homes and food stores (Kenrick, Forest Peoples Programme, 2014). This resulted in families scattering to find food and shelter. Most of their possessions, although meager, were lost in the fires, so they had only the clothes on their backs and the few items they could grab when they saw the KFS coming. The area is mountainous and can get cold and wet, which posed many health risks, especially to children and elderly people. Many of the residents struggled to find temporary shelter and sources of food (Jacob Kushner, 2015). Not only were they homeless, but the children affected could not attend school, because their uniforms and textbooks were lost in the fire. Regarding one wave of these evictions in January of 2014, the Forest Peoples Programme noted, “Where at…

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