Natural Hazards Essay example

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Floods are a natural hazard. There have been many devastating floods in the past decade. Different countries have reacted differently during and after the floods have occurred. Some countries have needed economic help during these times. Some countries were able to give detailed warning and saved many lives in doing so. Developed countries have the money to warn its people of any floods or other natural hazards which may affect a community. Developing countries often do not have the resources or money to start a rescue of people after the disaster occurs. They have to rely on the United Nations (UN) or developed countries to donate money. Pakistan experienced a flood in July 2010 in monsoon season. The monsoon
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Many people in Pakistan died months after the disaster due to diseases caused by the floods. The Australian floods did not cause diseases because Australians health system has more doctors and medicine. The Australian doctors were on helicopters helping people as survivors were being rescued. In Pakistan many people had to wait for long amounts of time for Red Cross doctors to help them. Some of the infected did not know they had any diseases and therefore did not seek medical attention from Red Cross doctors. The Queensland government set up centres in high areas for people to go somewhere during the flood. The Pakistani government did not have the money to organise anything like this on a big scale. People stayed in their homes and prayed. This was a significant factor in the deaths which were suffered.
The two governments acted very different after the floods occurred. The Queensland and Australian government agreed on an interim report which would include what happened and how it could be prevented in the future. The people of Australia felt the inquiry was a success and now plans are being put in place to stop the reoccurrence of major flooding again. Dams across Queensland are going to be emptied by 75% if there is the same forecasting for the 2010/11 floods. This will reduce the amount of flooding. The Pakistani government asked from help from many governments and the

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