Natural Gas And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

1462 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
However, natural gas is not a renewable or sustainable resource either. It also emits a decent amount of emissions. “Natural gas is composed primarily of methane (CH4) – a very potent greenhouse gas. During various steps of natural gas extraction, transportation, and processing, methane is released to the atmosphere” (“Natural Gas” n.d.). While most people focus on carbon dioxide when it comes to global warming and emissions, methane is actually “the second largest overall human generated contributor to global warming” (Jorgenson 2006, 1779). Even though it may emit less emissions than coal, natural gas is still quite damaging and has a large impact on global warming. Since drilling for natural gas has been going on for quite a long time, many of the pipes and equipment used are old. The pipes could have leaks in them thus allowing more methane to escape. Through the processes of extracting, transporting and using of natural gas, the impact on the environment adds up. While not as much as coal, it is still damaging to the ozone and is a large contributor to global warming. Also, as more companies switch to natural gas as their energy source, the limited supply is being depleted even quicker. Not only is this being used as an energy source for power plants, it is also used to heat homes, power stoves or ranges and is even used in some vehicles as a source of power. This creates increased competition for this fossil fuel; as it becomes more popular as a fuel source,…

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