Natural Evolution Of Human Evolution Essay

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Natural evolution has altered many organisms over time, including humans, (Homo sapiens) in the past. However, for the present and the future of humanity, I believe that natural human evolution will not continue, as humans have taken control of their evolution. First, humans are able to artificially alter their physical appearance to be more attractive, causing sexual selection to alter the gene pool less and less. In addition, people are able to remove the pressures which question the fitness of individuals using medical technology. Finally, as genetic research continues to advance, humans can alter their genes and the genes of their children to bypass natural selection in the process of improving the species.
The first factor which allows humans to take control of their evolution is the ability to alter their physical appearance. As a result of constant improvements in cosmetics,, any individual with access to cosmetics can drastically alter how they look in order to attract mates. One study, in which subjects were shown pictures of women with various amounts of makeup and asked to rate how attractive, likeable and trustworthy they appeared, showed that the use of makeup has a significant positive impact on how attractive, likeable and trustworthy the woman seemed to the subjects (Etcoff, Stock, Haley, Vickery & House, 2011). Not only does makeup increase sexual dimorphism in humans, making females appear more physically different than males and thus more attractive, but…

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