Natural Capital And Its Impact On Environment Essay

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I. Background
Environment is the main component for human and business to live. Without the resource and space provided by environment, human and business would never exist. However, over the past few decade population of human keep increasing and business keep growing. Thus create an irony impact on environment that giving the natural capital for them to live. Slowly environment getting destroyed an impacting the human and business again. Slowly human realize their impact on environment and finding the best way to create sustainability. Therefore the understanding of sustainable development should be spread to business owner to changing their thought on environment.
II. Discussion
2.1 Natural Capital
It is crucial to understand the composition of natural capital in order to comprehend the system in environment. According to Miller & Spoolman (2010), natural capital defined as natural resources and natural services that support living things. Natural resources such as air, soil, copper, and coal are resources that provided with no cost by nature to support the needs of living things especially human. Natural resources basically divided into two groups. Renewable sources are those resources that can living things can use over and over again as long as it not used up faster than it is renewed, such as water and air (Miller & Spoolman, 2010). Meanwhile nonrenewable sources are those resources that can only be used one time, or can be renewed in a long period of time such as…

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