Essay about Natura

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Task 1 (not more than 1200 words, maximum)

Sub-section 1: Learning and willingness to learn from new market’s culture. How is the new market? How are the new customers? You’re learning from the experience and introduce it into your products.

1. Willingness to learn: what different things did they (Natura) learn in the new market? Did they introduce new products? Did they hire local employees? Did they provide some sort of different systems for the customers to buy their products?

So what is the different system that they have changed? If they changed, give examples.

2. High level of energy and commitment:

You remember we have talked about some markets that need more work to be done because they are not
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What happened then? And how they re-introduce their competitve positioning in the market. Information is given in the case study when they struggle with the competition. So apply that example, 1-2 examples are more than enough here.


TASK 2 - Uppsala model and EPRG framework

UPPSALA: You can discuss the model If you want but not in description. … Everyone knows the model, and what I want to know is how Natura has followed anthing on these models when they internationalized since 1982. To answer this question, I would suggest you to do a draft (graph) first in a piece of paper. Just put it this way, Uppsala is incremental stage, yea, put 1982 here and see which year they entered different markets, what part of Uppsala have they followed, if they have followed, and discuss that part here. You don’t have to put the graph here (in your assignment), but if you want to, it’s fine. It’s just for you, as the draft, to support your discussion. It is not compulsary to put this graph in this one. One thing, DECORATIONS don’t get mark for me. If you have colourful paintings, I don’t give marks for that. I give marks for discussions.

This question is 30 marks, you can’t lose it. Your task is about 4500 words, and this is nearly 30% of the task. So for this one, at least about 1300

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