Native Son By Richard Wright Essay

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One may be taught immoralities but it is one 's decision whether to adapt to that lifestyle. In Native Son by Richard Wright, twenty year old Bigger Thomas is under control by the white society which influences him to not take responsibility. During the 1930s and 40s in Chicago, white society manipulated the black community. This immorality raises Bigger to limit himself from being his own person, and influences him to commit horrific actions but does not have interest of ownership. Therefore, Bigger is impacted by his surrounding but ultimately he has responsibility over his iniquities.
Although, hatred is one of the dominate emotions between blacks and whites, Bigger has to take responsibility of this trait. while Bigger is on his way to his job interview with Mr. Dalton he thinks about what his mother told him which is, " It was the poor whites who hated Negroes. They hated Negroes because they didn 't have their share of the money" ( Wright 36). This explains that poor whites have hatred against the black society over the simplest reason. In addition, Bigger already has hate against the white society because of their color and not by character. Also Bigger has to have control this trait because it will eventually develop into a hate crime that he will have to be responsible for. This trait starts from the white society and work its way down to other community 's particularly the blacks. To explain, whites have develop a trait of hate but people like Bigger has…

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