Native Son And The Oppressed Essay

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Native Son and The Oppressed
Native Son was written by Richard Wright, published in 1940, it was an almost instantaneously successful novel. As a book written about lower class African Americans, who were forced to break away from the conformity of a populous white society, it was not enjoyed by some of the upper and middle class African Americans who wished he had published a book that would show the ways that the African Americans could break away from oppression, and escape it, rather than conform to it. Native Son depicts a black man, named Bigger who was forced to conform to a dominantly white, oppressive society, and how he broke away from it. The novel Native Son by Richard Wright is about escape and reveals that the oppressed can be effected by racism, and other social norms, and how people would do anything to escape the societal views of others, based on how they’ve been raised.
Bigger is a young black man, who’s always been told more and more that he cannot, and will not aspire to be anything more than a black man, with no respect, and no money. One day he wakes up to see a huge black rat in his room, which is said to mimic him. Bigger corners the rat into a corner and kills it, much how Bigger is pressured and cornered by the white people of his society. The rat was killed, as Bigger was metaphorically killed through the oppressiveness of society, and how they changed him, his inner-self, into someone he could have aspired to be much greater than. Rather than…

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