Essay on Native Americans Vs. American Culture

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Native people viewed the natural world as directly linked to their well beings, shown through natural occurrences like humans’ mutually dependent exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide with plants. The Native Americans have perpetually upheld wildlife and the environment to the same level as humans – making that belief the ceremonious foundation of their culture, religion, and tradition, especially regarding their use of animals. Hunting has evolved over millions of years, initially being used as means of survival through sustenance and self-protection by ape-like ancestors. It then developed into an optional activity to engage in, thus continuing the tradition of hunting, yet under different pretenses. The United States (prevalently the South) is strongly rooted in traditions of family outings and recreational hunting as a sport and entertainment. There are blatant contrasts in the respects put forth toward hunting, animals, and the environment in these two cultures. Native Americans hunt out of respect and for the good of the Earth, and American culture hunts for the good of their self-interest, with this outdated practice portraying a disregard for the well-being of Earth and the consequences it poses for the species humans coinhabit it with.
Recreational hunters pretend to respect the environment through the claim that they combat species overpopulation and prevent these hunted species from causing imbalances in the ecosystem. Throughout history, the mourning dove has…

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