Native American Policy Analysis

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To most people, the American government represents the pinnacle of human rights and democracy, being an all-powerful system that is also regulated by the populous and thus can do no wrong. However, had they had the knowledge of all the policies that lead to ignorance, broken promises, and bloodshed which the Native American people endured since the arrival of the European settlers, then those who still believe in their government have to see it in a different light. In order to empathize with their situation, one need to understand how and why the policies that were used to control and negotiate with Native Americans were first created and understand the flaws that only allowed their situation to grow worse over time.
-In the first wave of
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Despite the fact that various tribes had fought alongside the British in the Revolutionary War, Great Britain made little mention of their allies in the Treaty of Paris. This made no difference as by right of conquest the native people had little to no choice but to accept the new status or risk subjugation. While the old British policies had a difficult time trying to maintain good standings with the native population, the new American policy would mitigate the issue instead by forcing Native Americans to give up or trade their land away as compensation for previous conflicts and as payment for government protection. As Ouden argues in her book the core factors for this vile behavior are centered on the mutual distrust both populations have with one another and that the government chose to side with the American settlers who were expanding westward on to Indian soil (83-86). Eventually the federal government had to implement new policy like the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 in order to reduce racial tension and allow for more trade and …show more content…
Most of what Americans know about Native Americans and their culture back then comes from distorted information and thus they believed that the natives were either a dying race or an obstacle in their path. In order to prevent more misfortune from happening again the government needs to learn how to put their foot down and control their people, inform them that just because a group of people live a different life and live on better land than they do does not permit them to freely break established

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