Native Americans And White Settlers Essay

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In 1492, Christopher Columbus came to the Americas, then known as the New World, and opened the borders to vast travel all across Europe. The new world had plenty of resources and space for settling, but there was one problem, the land was home to many diverse, intimidating Indians who did not want to give up their land. This battle over land and resources led to many conflicts amongst the two groups. The beliefs of the Native Americans and white settlers are very different, leading to actions such as assimilation and violence, consequently, Native Americans have given up on the hopes of living a better life. The culture and beliefs of the Native Americans and white settlers contrast exceedingly. Native American beliefs are based around a natural sense. Many how entities came to be and why they are here on earth are based off of different animals and plants that are on the earth. For example, The Cherokee belief of how the world was made, is that the earth is just an island that floats on a large body of water. The island is held up by four large cords that reach up to the heavens and hold the earth afloat (Mooney 48). They believed that when the world became old or misbehaved, the cords would break and the earth-island would sink under the water. Animals are also in many stories of how the earth was made. In a Huron indian story, all the humans live above the world in the heavens. One day her husband gets really sick and she cuts down the Sky Tree in an effort to save…

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