Essay Native Americans And Native American History

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Native Americans have been overlooked when dealing with Colonial history due to a lack of evidence and bias. Early historians did not have access to evidence that came directly from Native Americans. Most of the evidence came from journals, diaries and other forms of record that belonged to the colonists, which described their encounters with Native Americans. This lack of evidence leads to pro-European bias because early historians only had the Europeans’ perspectives. The exploration of new evidence has led to a greater emphasis on Native Americans.
In the book, Changes in the Land, the author, Willaim Cronon takes a different perspective in dealing with Native American history. He takes a look at the ecological changes that have occurred since the Europeans settled in New England. Cronon uses both the Indians and colonists in relation to each other and nature to determine the ecological changes brought about in New England. Cronon describes New England as a land with an abundance of resources when the Europeans arrived. There was a plenitude of vegetation, animals and great forests. Native Americans lived in such a way that the Europeans compared them to “Beggers in England,” as Cronon explains, because in their eyes, Indians were not using such great natural wealth to their advantage. They also viewed them as poor because the natives had few possessions, partly because of their nomadic lifestyle. The Europeans didn’t understand that the Indians lived…

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