Native Americans And Indigenous People Essay

1148 Words Oct 17th, 2016 5 Pages
When hearing the word indigenous people, we tend to think of them as a whole and not as being a part of different individual groups. Each indigenous culture is distinct and unique. However, society still tends to connect some, if not all of the indigenous cultural stories. While many people may express similar worldviews and a common indigenous identity, their cultures are nonetheless based on different histories and environments. We might never be able to fully comprehend the amount of struggle that indigenous people faced, but it is important for us to learn about the unseen truth that society hides from the public.
While reading the multiple texts over the last few weeks I was able to gain a better understanding of Indigenous peoples. However, while reading I was quite surprised that throughout my education I was misinformed about indigenous people. Sure we learned about the European colonization, but not to the extent depicted in the reading. From the gruesome genocide, to them trying to reclaim their voice, Native Americans always seemed to be depicted negatively. While doing the reading, I was first able to get a basic introduction to Native studies through the section on the distinctiveness of aboriginal peoples. Continuing through the weeks of reading I was able to learn how the Native Americans combatted the stereotypes and awful images placed upon them. It was in this section that I learned how the Native media finally allowed them to tell their side of the story.…

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