Essay on Native Americans And African Americans

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Throughout world history, countless groups of people from different ethnicities and cultures have befallen to the trap of institutionalized slavery. From the beginnings of colonial America, European settlers have enslaved both the indigenous people and also Africans. When the general subject of slavery is discussed, people assume this refers to the 13 million Africans that were transported to the America, as part of the “Triangular Slave Trade” (Ojibwa). The massive, historical representation of African slaves disregards many other racial groups that were subjected to this dehumanizing treatment. Although, Africans did endure the harsh enslavement by their European owners for approximately 300 years, slavery in America began long before this. In fact, Native Americans were one of the first groups to be enslaved by Europeans, starting in the mid-1500s. From the beginning of the dominant conquest of Northern America, by Christopher Columbus, Indians were prime slave targets. Unfortunately, many textbooks and external sources fail to highlight the prominent enslavement of Native Americans. Although Native Americans have been underrepresented as a prominent slavery group during the European colonization of America, people of today’s society should begin understanding their history in order to gain a greater insight regarding the foundation and progression of social dynamics, between various races, in America.
Before succumbing to being enslaved by the European colonizers,…

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