Essay on Native Americans : A Negative Light Ever Since 1492

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Native Americans have been viewed in a negative light ever since 1492. With Columbus’ first voyage to what he believed was the East Indies people have viewed Native Americans as bloodthirsty savages of an inferior race. These stereotypes have been passed on ever since through mediums such as the still image, novels, films, mascots, and cartoons; I believe that they have been perpetuated by a culture of ignorance in which no one cares to learn the truth. The modern world has made next to no attempt to write these incorrect views and have away with the stereotypes. Early European images of Native Americans tell us more about Europe’s world view, how they see themselves, and hardly anything about true native life. Originally, Native Americans were seen as similar to other ‘exotic peoples’ such as those from the far east and the mythical Euro-Wild Man. These stereotypical views began with simple drawings. Artists drew images based on what they were told. They had no personal knowledge. Their view was completely based on the biased opinion of whoever informed them. Drawings were usually based upon ancient Greek sculptures like Michelangelo 's David, for example. The Last of the Mohicans was written by James Fenimore Cooper and released in 1826. Cooper spent most of his life in Cooperstown, NY but joined the Merchant Navy (1806-1811). He traveled Europe extensively and also attended Yale. The Last of the Mohicans takes place during the French and Indian War (known as the Seven…

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