Native American Woman Mary Crow Dog Essay

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“A faith you have suffered for becomes more precious. The more the Crow Dogs and other traditional families were persecuted for their beliefs, the more stubbornly they held on to them” (Crow Dog 105). This quote, from Native-American woman Mary Crow Dog in her autobiography Lakota Woman, describes the desire that Native people had to hold onto their beliefs until a time where it was safe to live them. In the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s, Native Americans and other social groups fought for their rights during the Civil Rights era. These groups included African Americans, Latinos, Women, and Queers. A combination of protest methods, both non-violent and radical, were necessary for all civil rights movements to gain traction, recognition, and support. Two groups which shared strategies to push for change were Native Americans and African Americans. There were large disputes between these groups and the rest of white society over schooling and education. For example, Brown v. Board of Education was a Supreme Court case which finally ruled segregation in schools to be unconstitutional. This decision was made in 1954, but it did not stop discrimination and immense opposal to the end of segregation. Following this decision, the Little Rock Nine was a group of nine students who enrolled in and attended an all-white school in Little Rock despite protest from the state’s governor. African American students would participate in rebellions and sit-ins to demonstrate their points. Similarly,…

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