Native American Reservation System

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Reservation System - After the strained relationships between the Native Americans and the Americans, the reservation system was developed. It gave Native Americans a certain plot of land which the American government urged the Native Americans to stay on.
Battle of the Little Bighorn - Before this battle, the Native Americans had wiped out 250 Americans including Colonel George Custer. The United States military was then called in order to seek revenge. This was the short period of the Native’s victory.
Battle of Wounded Knee - This battle was caused by the Dakota Sioux doing the “Ghost Dance” which was illegal and the fight of whether the Sioux’s land would be broken up because of the Dawes Act. It led to 200 Native American deaths
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Some of these causes were industrialism throughout America, the railroad system, the beginning of Trusts in companies, and an increased tariff. The primary cause of the Populist Party is considered to be industrialism throughout the United States because it includes many of the minor causes. The evidences in this chapter to support this fact is that farmers were charged high protective tariffs, however the money from the tariffs ended up going to manufacturers in the long run. The farmers were angry because their hard earned money was going into the pockets of factory owners and businessmen. Additionally, industrialism was the main cause of the Populist Party because once the railroad was created the freight rates that were needed to pay in order to ship a farmer’s good were too high. This is because a farmer spent a similar amount of money on the freight rates than on the profit they would have received. Lastly, Trusts, businessmen, and manufacturers controlled farmers through horizontal and vertical …show more content…
It is correct because the land itself was destroyed. This was due to America’s desire for as much gold as possible, any land that was rumored to have gold buried beneath it was torn apart by many Americans in order to get rich quickly. In this time period many Native Americans were slaughtered so there was a greater presence of White people in the West. Also the buffalo was close to extinction because of the White man and this lead to a loss of culture for the Native Americans. Many of the lands in the West were taken up with railroads due to the boom of industrialization in this time period. However this was a blanket statement, so times like the Ice Age, the American Revolution, or the period of Imperialism also showed an extreme

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