Native American Religious Myths : Ethnic Identities And Influence Individuals Of A Society

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Native American religious myths are also used to describe ethnic identities and influence individuals of a society. A Seminole tribe myth claims that the Great Spirit, Hesuketamese, had pulled an Indian, white, and black man out of the ground and commanded them to wash in the nearby ocean. For the Indian man, they did as they were told and came out brown and strong. As for the white man, he stayed in the water too long examining the shells and oddities and came out pale and weak. For the black man, he did not commit to showering and remained black. Seminoles also account to the Hesuketamese commanding the three individuals to select their employments. The red man selecting a bow and arrow, the black man selecting a spade, and the white man selecting a book The Seminoles accept this myth because they believe they followed the great spirit`s orders and was favored for doing so. There is also a belief that before the washing, the two men were just like the Indian but came out differently afterwards. This myth influences the Seminoles perspective by each Seminole family striving to stay in alignment with the Great Spirit and keep the family reserved to just Seminole descendants. Adolf Hitler used Christianity and its construction of race to influence the German population to support his campaign. Hitler was convinced that the German Aryans were the chosen people of God and that his movements of the Nazi party were following the call to faith from God. The German citizens…

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