Native American Reflection

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TED 252 has taught me more about the realities of the world’s ongoing battles with racism, stereotypes, and oppression than any of my past teachers and history textbooks have in the last 12 years of my education combined. In this past week I have learned a great deal about the Native American’s perspective on the longstanding issues they have had with the American government since the time of the first arrival of European settlers. Being completely frank, I have come to a conclusion that I cannot accept an association with such catastrophically destructive group as the white European culture; I want to make changes to society by educating its young people. In any case, people of European decent are the ones that started this mess, so we need to be the ones to correct it. Europeans had no right to evict an indigenous people, like the Native Americans, from …show more content…
One of the most compelling instances is the fact that without the Native American 's superb understanding of governmental processes, we would have never developed the U.S Constitution, as the video, "A History Story: The U.S Constitution Was Stolen From The Native Americans" explains. The majority of Americans refuse to believe that Native Americans are the people that inspired such a great national document, but I believe as an anti-racist educator this is not something we should shame or ignore, but rather, something we should celebrate and be proud of as a nation. According to the article, "American Indian Contributions to the World," the vast majority of our nation 's governmental structure is based on the ideas from Native Americans. Instead of trying to hide these facts Americans need to come to terms with how much Native Americans have influenced our ways of life, maybe then will we be able to live peacefully with the Native Americans and support rather than oppose

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