Native American Quality Of Living Unsustainably Persists Essays

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By studying the history of Native Americans we can understand some of their characteristics, qualities, and perspectives regarding America’s landscape. Many of these still persist today in the original form or mutated ways. The Native American quality of living unsustainably persists today in various forms because it is difficult to notice an unsustainable lifestyle at first as described by John Steinbeck, Barry Lopez, and Scott Momaday in The Log From the Sea of Cortez, The American Geographies, and The Way to Rainy Mountain, respectively.
It is easy to look back in time and see that Native Americans lived unsustainable lifestyles. The Micmac lived unsustainable lifestyles. Their economy revolved around trading small animals. Their desire for European goods provided incentive to deplete the animal population (Merchant 13). A problem with this lifestyle is that it is difficult to know that the animal’s population is being depleted until it is too late.
The Native Americans of the Great Plains centered their economy on the buffalo. However, the Native Americans used difficult techniques to catch the buffalo, which is troublesome considering how important the Buffalos were for them (Merchant 16). The arrival of the horse changed the culture a great deal. The Native Americans became more efficient hunters, but they also became more dependent on the horse and buffalo population. Again, this is a problem because it is difficult to know when the Buffalo’s population is being…

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