Native American Paper

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Native American Storytelling Paper

Rashmi Price


August 26, 2013
Dr. Gregory Beatty

Native American Storytelling Paper

Native American literature is considered by many as the traditional written and oral literature of Native cultures around the world. Many of these literatures are transmitted over periods of time by storytellers. This particular literature has many features that includes a mixture of oral tradition techniques along with tribal mythology. The majority of these historic manuscripts of the Native Americans is deeply rooted in symbolic and mythic standards. This assignment will focus on how Native American literature is rooted in storytelling. The selected text of choice for the assignment is
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This method of communication was very important for Native Americans, because this was a way that allowed them to keep their cultural and tribal language alive ("Bright Hub Education", 2012). When looking at Native American literature, the conventions/characteristics involve the attachments of human qualities to the formation of landmarks or non-living objects. Sometimes the animals are the human-like and given the qualities because of jealously or greed. The animals in Native American stories were given an identical place with human individuals in the universe. The majority of this literature is deeply-rooted in the strength of oral traditions, and many of the works include repetition or song. Storytelling in the Native American culture was a way of survival for tribes to preserve and maintain their identity. When it comes to the individual and cultural identities the Native American had to be aware of where they came from and who they were. This was the knowledge that could only be known from the history of the Native people. Native American storytelling played a vital role in Native history that helped with their identities. The storytelling essential was a survival strategy for preservation and creation of the Native American identity. Looking at the works of Native Americans, Joy Harjo works demonstrated and displayed the cultural background of Native American literature. Joy Harjo’s “She Had Some Horses” is just one of many powerful demonstrations

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