Essay on Native American Names And Mascots

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Honoring Native Americans with Mascots
Atlanta Braves, Chicago Blackhawks, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Chiefs, and Washington Redskins – these are all professional sports teams that use Native American names and imagery to promote their team. The use of indigenous people’s cultures and names in sports has recently become a widely debated issue in the area of sports. One side sees the names as disrespectful and stereotypical towards Native Americans. The other argues that they are showing honor and that the majority of indigenous people support the names and mascots. In the use of sports, Native American culture and ideas should be allowed for team names and mascots.
Sports teams use mascots, names, and logos to represent the strength, bravery, and pride of their club. They are used to motivate the players and fans and to intimidate the opponents. Native American names and mascots are utilized because they represent the team’s strength, bravery, pride, motivation, and intimidation. They show respect towards Native Americans and honor their traditions and cultural influences. The names were never meant to insult or discriminate against Native Americans. In the case of the Washington Redskins, the founder, George Marshall Preston, chose the team name in part to honor his second coach, who claimed to be part Sioux (Banks 24). What matters most when looking at possibly insulting names is intent. The use of Native American cultures in sports has and always will be…

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