Essay on Native American Mascots And Sports

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Native American Mascots in Sports
The creation of Native American mascots was not to offend anybody, but if it offends the Native American race. Using the word “redskin” can cause hurt in a person and also offend them. Some see the mascots as an honor to the Native Americans for having a Native American mascot not knowing that in the world today, mascots are seen as jokes. Kids dressed up with war paint on their face and headgear is meant to be taken as a joke and make people laugh. This can be humiliating for the Native American race and could be the reason why some might not show up to a sports game. If a team was to be called the “blackskins,” black people would most likely take offense to that. A race never wants to be made fun of in any way, shape, or form. My perspective is that Native American mascots should be banned based on the Native American votes and no one else’s.
A mascot is an animal, person, or thing adopted by a group as it is a representative symbol and supposed to bring good luck (“The Definition of Mascot”). “The term mascot, derived from the French mascotte and Portuguese masco, originally referred to any object or talisman that brought luck to a person or household” (“The Fascination and Frustration with Native American Mascots”). Mascots were often used as an object of sorcery. The word mascot has over time has come to mean young boys who followed troops divisions in war (“The Fascination and Frustration with Native American Mascots”).
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