Native American Mascots And Names

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The use of Native American mascots and names has been created quite the controversy over the last two decades. As we all may know, some tribes find this offensive and degrading in nature, while many sports teams do not pay much attention to the slogans as they are just slogans, or find it to be honoring the American Indians. Lee Thompson who wrote an article for Mlive quotes in his article of complaint to the U.S Department of Education that “the use of American Indian imagery reinforces stereotypes in a way that negatively impacts the potential for achievement by students with American Indian ancestry.” However the author himself is not so convinced by this because Thompson claims this is simply not true, he does believe the Indians were oppressed and went through genocide many years ago that contributed to many being poor and nothave access to education. Many sports team such as Warriors and Braves with affiliation to the America Indians in fact win many games and offer honor to the Native Americans by association. In the same article it is written that a Native American tribe has an articulation agreement between CMU, to use the slogans as long as the image/slogans celebrate the American Indian culture “the same way it inspired it”. This has been achieved by schools giving courses in Native American culture to farther educate the students about the Native American ways of life. I am personally from South Florida but yet we all know about the FSU Seminoles football team

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