Native American Mascot, Logo, Or Team Name Essay

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Over 1000 high schools, 31 colleges or universities, and five professional teams have a native american mascot, logo, or team name. Recently at one level of sports, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), had a debate on whether or not to ban native american names from being used at the collegiate level. Then at another level, the NFL (National Football League) had a big argument a year ago about the same thing, but only with one team. And a long time ago the MLB (Major League Baseball and the NBA (National Basketball Association) was getting involved. People all over got involved in the discussion, letting their opinions be heard. These people include native americans themselves and even just normal people that do not have a connection to the topic. A huge discussion went on for about a year; in a way it is still going on, even at all levels. Many sports teams these days use native american names these days for their mascots and it is not offensive at all, it is part of american history and those tribes or communities should not get mad over the mascots.
Way back in 1960, where this really started was when the NCAI (National Congress of American Indians) tried to remove negative stereotypes of Native Americans from all media. Including cartoons, movies, television shows, and sports teams. The argument that actually began to spark interest was started in 2005 at the collegiate level, more specifically the NCAA; a major debate went on a few years ago about…

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