Native American Mascot Controversy Essay

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Native American Mascot Controversy
Since the 1960s, the Native American mascot controversy has been a prominent debate. To many indigenous communities, the usage of their cultural depictions in high school, college, or at professional level, some sports teams’ choice of mascots are offensive. Others disagree, noting that it stands as a symbol of pride for their establishment and insist they have the right to keep it that way. The National Collegiate Athletic Association-the group who regulates college sports-is still determining whether or not certain usages are appropriate and banning those who are not. The only exception of being exempt to the rule is when the school maintains ties with the tribal name they use (Wulf). While there are many who strongly side against the usage of any native symbols, and many who can argue it is appropriate, there is a way that both parties can be satisfied. A prime example of collaboration has been made by the Florida Seminoles. Native Americans have long supported this school and the use of the Seminole name. The tribe and the school work together to ensure the symbolism is accurate and respectful. Tribal members participate at graduation ceremonies and other events, and are offered a scholarship program for the Seminole people to attend their university (Anastasia). It is because of this collaboration and involvement that has provided a positive outcome.
Another example of collaboration was made by a National Hockey League team the…

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