Native American History : The Trail Of Tears Essay

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Indigenous groups throughout the world have one thing in common when it came to their fall; they all suffered at the hands of white men. Two indigenous groups that were infiltrated by western people were the Cherokee tribe and the Africans during Imperialism in Africa. During 1830 to 1831, the Indian Removal Act was enforced and more than ten thousand natives were relocated west of the Mississippi River. Thousands died before they could reach their new home. The reason for their removal of their ancestral lands was so there could be more space for citizens of the United States. What is known today as “Trail of Tears” is a moment in Native American history that has never been forgotten. During the late 1800s and early 1900s there was a race in Europe for more land and more control of wealth in Africa. Many European countries set up camp in many countries in Africa. Many European countries fought for control of raw resources while destroying villages and destroying culture. Many African cultures suffered greatly and many fought back but did not win against the “white men.” Many indigenous cultures like the pre Columbian and Oaxaca Indians started creating their art work to represent their worship to their gods, serving other various functions to not only to be aesthetically artistic to the observer: catchy to the eye but serve as an important ceremonial figure to help with their rituals. During the Pre Columbian era indigenous groups created faces of their gods, and…

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