Native American History: The Importance Of The Event

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Importance of the Event
Native Americans, usually comprising of the Red Indians form a paramount part of the U.S. history, considering that they were the original inhabitants of the continent. However, on the arrival of the Europeans in America, Native Americans have undergone tremendous challenges on their land. Apart from being displaced from their land, the Native Americans had other challenges confronting them, including the systematic eradication of their culture and lack of education necessary for survival in the contemporary society.
During the decade of the 1920s however, the Native Americans went through a period of tremendous upheaval while lobbying for their human rights. The era has been very significant in the lives of Native Americans since the events occurring then have shaped, and continue to shape their future and survival in modern America. Some of the events that took place during the decade of the 1920s included religious and cultural recognition, restrained self-government, pan-Indianism and other reforms. The events of the 1920s were also crucial since the Native Americans were neglected by the government, and lived in misery and despair.
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The decade of the 1920s marked a very significant period in the lives of these people. For instance, it is during this time that the objective of ensuring the Native Americans were fully “civilized” into the white society blew back. The white-educated Native Americans, coupled with those more oriented to the laws, government, education and religion became more

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