Essay about Native American History : Native Americans

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Prior Knowledge of Native Americans When I was young and still living in the Philippines, my knowledge about Native Americans are almost to none. The only Indians I knew are the Indians from India. We never had any class lecture or topic about American Indians. In fact, at that time, I thought white Americans were the original settlers in the America, and I could not remember any class teachings contradicting this assumption. When I was younger, I always watched Peter Pan, and Tiger Lilly, the Native American, was one of my favorite character. Before, I did notice she wears different clothes from Wendy who’s wearing a typical European dress, so I thought she was from a tribe. However, I never knew she was a Native American. It was hard to explain my very limited knowledge about Indians when I was young since, even though I noticed the difference in clothes, I did not understand the historical conflict between European and American Indians. When I was taking American history at Diablo Valley College, I learned a lot about Native Americans. I learned that they were already settled here long before the European arrived. They welcomed their arrivals offering gifts and hospitality, while those white voyagers saw these as weaknesses ready to be exploited. I was aghast, and they thought Indians were the barbaric. When I was reading Western romance novel, they mostly portrait Indians as savages and backwards. I read about Indians being good with horses, keeping the head…

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