Native American Drug Addiction Essay

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Native American culture is rich and deep, but an unfortunate plague threatens to rip it apart: drug and alcohol addiction. However, there is hope. Native American drug and alcohol rehabilitation is becoming a much more widespread phenomenon and one that looks to help restore some luster to their culture. If you or someone you know is a Native American struggling with addiction, you need to understand your options and get help as soon as possible.

Addiction Impact On Native Culture
The unfortunate truth is that Native Americans suffer from drug and alcohol addiction at very alarming rates. Although Native American 's make up less than 5% of the total population of the country, 10% of
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While there are many highly successful native people, addiction is heavily impacting and seriously affecting a group of people who have already suffered from so much heartache.

Successful Past Treatments
Thankfully, great strides are being taken to help address this epidemic and to curb the rise of native addiction. A variety of studies and treatments have been undertaken, including a report by the Department of Justice that examined nine different programs that were highly successful in treating native addiction.

One of the most popular was youth programs, which focus on intervention and education. These groups travel to tribal schools and discuss the dangers of addiction in an open and frank manner. Much of the focus of these groups is on breaking the drug myths created by their older peers, myths that help perpetuate a dangerous and increasing drug problem.

However, rehabilitation proved to be one of the most successful of all treatment methods. Traditional rehabilitation treatments, such as detoxification and cognitive-behavior therapy, are utilized in Native American rehabs across the country. And when combined with traditional native remedies and spiritual concepts, it has proven to be the best weapon in the fight against native
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In fact, the concept of “holistic” treatment fits very neatly into the spiritual concept of earth medicine that drives many native religions. Although the exact nature of your religion will vary depending on your tribe, good Native American rehab centers are willing to adjust.

One of the most popular forms of Native American rehab for this very reason is wilderness recovery. This treatment method places you in the wild and forces you to make your way with a group of other people recovering from addiction. A native wilderness rehab will focus on traditional native ceremonies, earth medicine, and holistic concepts (such as dance therapy, musical therapy, and even the creation of traditional native art).

Even if your religious interest lies outside of your tribal faith (such as in a Christian religion), you can still find a center that caters to your spirituality. Rehabilitation has a long history of utilizing spiritual techniques and guidance in treating addiction. Giving yourself up to a higher power often helps guide people through the difficult process of obtaining

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