Native American Culture : Native Americans And European Settlers

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Native American culture has been slowly dying for a little over five centuries. It started in 1492 when Columbus sailed out on his historic voyage and it is still going on in present day America. Interactions between Native Americans and European settlers often resulted in the complete destruction of music considered “pagan” by the Europeans. Native people were continuously removed and relocated from their ancestral homelands, losing many of their mythologies and ancient music traditions in the process. The Native American people have tried to fight back numerous times but there numbers were decimated in the beginning with the introduction of diseases such as measles, typhus, and smallpox. How did the Native Americans culture survive five centuries of death and demoralization? The truth is their music was the main thing keeping them together. Without music Native American religion, history, healing, and day to day life would have all been forgotten during the last five centuries of persecution and oppression. All tribes are different and therefore have different forms of music and instrument’s that they use. For example, not all tribes use drums. Some just don’t believe that the sound complements their music very well. In fact even of the countless tribes that do use drums. No two use the exact same type of because of the wide variety of different material’s each tribe has access to “the water drum is unique to North America” (“Native American music and musical…

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