Native American Creation And Destruction Of The Middle Ground

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When Europeans and Indians came together in North America, a melding of cultures had to take place. This melding of culture took place not once, but three times in total: once for every new European culture that came to power in the middle ground. When people think of this time in history, they often think of Native American culture being destroyed, or at the very least, absorbed and overwhelmed by European culture. However, when interacting with all three governments, French, British, and the United States, Native Americans were active participants in the creation and destruction of the middle ground.
One example of Native American creation of the middle ground is found the sexual relations of French men and Algonquin women. Prior to contact with the French, the Algonquian people had a well-established social structure. Part of this well established culture was great sexual freedom for women; in particular, a class of women known as hunting women. Hunting women were women who were not married, nor were they prostitutes. Hunting women completed work that was common for all women society and sex accompanied this. Additional thers relationships could simply when a couple decided. The relationship of hunting women was far more than just a choice to live in freedom as the master of one 's own body. This relationship allowed men to hunt, a necessity activity for several of the Algonquin people, while knowing that the task necessary for the mating of the hunt and or…

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