Early American Colonization

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The colonization of the American’s brought considerable opportunities nevertheless, changes to the Native Americans. Different colonies thrived successfully, gaining profit from this new world. The Spanish paved the way for the colonization of the Americas. They demanded tribute from the conquered empires of the Aztecs and Incas. The tributes they received was working in their mines, which the Spanish profited enormously from. Neo Europeans are the colonists attempting to preserve their ancient ways of life from Europe. These colonists wanted to replicate the same economy and social structures from their former homes in Europe. Through different systems, they were set in places in this strange American world. The success in America leads to …show more content…
America provided an opportunity for religious freedom and safety to those who did not agree with the church of England. A group of religious separatists, the Puritans, were drove out of England. They wanted to purify the Church of England not to separate from it, but nevertheless they were drove from England. They had no royal charter but they formed the Mayflower Compact using their self-governing religious ways to also control their politics.This form or self governing was never practiced in England as Monarchies ruled. This self governing allowed the people to have political rights and own property, along with religious freedom. The strict religious ways of the Puritans created a strong work ethic and a smallpox outbreak wiped out the nearby Indians, the Wampanoags, this allowed the Pilgrim`s colony to flourish. The Pilgrims also separated church from state, creating more equal opportunities and taking steps toward religious tolerance. The Pilgrim 's success and the religious persecution in England caused more Puritan 's to flee to America. Different groups thrived in the colonies using their innovative ways to create change. Roger Williams wanted to seperate church from state and create a colony with complete religious freedom. He practices and pushed for toleration of separation of government and religion. His colony thrived with the freedom to worship any god freely. More self governing ways were being integrated into the colonies. Most adult men were able to attend town meetings where they could vote on decisions being made. These rights were only reserved generally for white wealthy mean. Most of the migrants from England where fleeing from the strict religious persecution of King Charles Ⅰ. This new systems allows the opportunity to create new worlds. These new worlds allowed people to aspire and create their own model communities.

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