Native American And Native Americans Essay

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To the Europeans the land they called new world was not new to the natives that lived there all the ancestors of the Native Americans crossed over to north and south America via the bearing straights about 30, 000 years ago. These ancestors of the Native Americans were mostly Asian and by the time that the last glacier receded 10,000 years ago Native Americans had inhabited all the inhabitable parts of north and south America. And being where they where they lived relative isolation from the booming civilization that was happening in the Middle East, the Asian Steppe and Europe. By the time the Europeans arrived in the Americas the Native American population had become diverse and speaking some 300-350 languages with different belief systems and ways of living. For example the Aztec and the Inca had built tremendous empires, the Mississippians or the mound builders had built cities that were surrounded by farm land that expanded from present day St. Louis and Natchez Mississippi. The Pueblo Indians lived in large towns and traded with other Native American tribes in California and Mexico. A lot of the Native American tribes in the east coast the women farmed and the men hunted and gathered and went to war. The major European exploration of the Americas started by accident (the Vikings and Leif Erikson do not count because they did not return) when Columbus landed in the Caribbean in 1492 thinking he landed in India-this started the age of the explorers. One of the…

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