Essay on Native American And American Culture

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Native American Spirituality is seen as unconventional compared to popular cultures of the United States today. Traditions, values, language, and more separate the two societies from one another. The Native American culture was contained because the white man saw these differences as inferior and segregated the natives. The white men deemed natives as uncivilized, made them learn the ways of Christianity, and did not allow the practice of the native traditions through physical and cultural domination. Because of this initial judgement, the Native American culture was not shared with the rest of the world. People can still learn many lessons from their culture because they have implications that can make improvements societally and individually. These include our need to reconnect with nature, the foundation of relationships, knowing that everything is connected, and the downfalls of today’s society.
Nature plays a substantial role in the daily lives of the Native Americans, which varies greatly from today’s perspective. Americans can learn an important lesson from the natives’ value of nature that has potential to save them. The United States has this obscure idea that they are separate from nature and every ecological problem stems from this belief (Van Gelder). It is arrogant to believe we are anything but nature. We survive off Mother Earth’s air, water, minerals, sunlight, and food; without her we cannot survive. This is one area that we can learn from the Native…

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