Nationalism And Pan Africanism Movement And The Black Experience As A Whole

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Robert Sobukwe, founder of the Pan Africanist congress, once said, “We meet here today, to rededicate ourselves to the cause of Afrika, to establish contact beyond the grave, with the great African heroes and assure them that their struggle was not in vain.” This quote relates to the Nationalism/Pan-Africanism movements and the Black experience as a whole. As stated throughout the class, you must go back by using the three tools to learn about and understand the past in order to further understand the Black experience. This understanding allows people to make an positive impact to society, which makes African American people’s struggles in the past without vain. In addition, Black people have always experienced brutal and vicious racism. The main defense, though it has taken many different forms, has been Black unity. This unity frequently has been a call for Black nationalism (meaning that Black people should unite as Black people to fight against their own oppression) and not a call for Black people to unite with people of other nationalities who are also committed to fighting against the oppression facing Black people. The appeal of nationalism is facilitated by racism as it forces Black people to turn inward toward the strengths of their own community
To begin, the Nationalism/Pan-Africanism movements came about because of the treatment of Black people. This dates back to the enslavement of Black people and continues to the police brutality facing Black people…

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