National Unity For Sustainable Development Essay

1026 Words Mar 7th, 2016 null Page
Within the young borders of Belize reside approximately 11 ethnic groups (Shoman, 1994), each with its own varying cultural identity. This variance makes Belize an interesting case in the context of nationalism. Nationalism is centered upon a core of common values that are communicated to the rest of the world through national symbols, traditions, and holidays. The questions of what common values, if any, do Belizeans have and if the national symbols are communicating those values are what drive this paper. Nationalism in a developing country will also be addressed in examining the need for national unity for sustainable development. The information in this paper has been acquired from both academic sources and interviews with Belizeans over the course of 3 weeks. The interviews provided a broad and simplified idea as to what Belizeans think their national identity is. Through these, it was found that Belizeans consider local community, diversity, and hard work to be important to the Belizean national identity. Upon examination of a few of the national holidays and symbols it was found that the symbols that represent Belize do not support these values well, yet the holidays seem to be successful in representing them.
Before reading the rest of this essay, please note that the author is neither part of the Belizean culture, nor highly educated on this matter. Arguments made in this essay are made from the point of view of a white, middle class, American with limited knowledge…

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