National Security Threat Is Narco Terrorism Essay examples

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Every day, violence is increasing in Latin America, and people are very worried about that. The Republic of Panama as a part of Central America faces many threats with national and international reaches. The most important national security threat is Narco-terrorism because it negatively affects many aspects of our society. When looking for the cause of increase in violence and criminal activities, the Panamanians know for sure that it is due to Narco-terrorism. In this essay, we will explain the concept of narcoterrorism; its root causes; impact and effects; how the Panamanian government is responding; and how this governmental response can be more effective.
Narcoterrorism is the combination of Terrorist tactics and Narco-trafficking affecting the security and peace of Panama. The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “violent criminal actions relating to the trade in illegal drugs.” In 1983, the president of Peru, Fernando Belaunde Terry used that term for the first time to describe how drug dealers used violent tactics against security forces. From then on, many security experts have used the term to define the activities of criminal organizations like Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), or Shining Path in Peru. These criminal groups have so much power that they can match and even overpower security forces to protect their lucrative narcotics business. That is why; they can spread violence and affect people’s security. When…

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