National Parks Essay

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Ever since the Act of March 1, 1862 signed by president Ulysses S. Grant, the National Parks. The Government established Yellowstone national park. The goal of this park was "as a public park or pleasuring-ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people"(NPS). In modern times the National parks are now created from over 400 different areas with parks in different states, countries, and even continents. Then later in 1935 President Woodrow Wilson signed the “Organic Act” which protected the scenery and wildlife in the parks established by the Government. However in more recent years it can be said that the “Organic Act” did not complete the task in which it was assigned to do. This is because the modern national parks are having internal and …show more content…
One of the major issue facing the National Park’s ecosystems is the pollution that seeps into the parks. There are four main types of pollutions that get into the parks, these are mobile sources, stationary sources, area sources, and natural sources. Mobile sources are transportation such as car, planes, helicopters, or boats. Stationary sources are major air pollutants such as factories, power plants, and oil rigs. Area sources are much smaller than the previous two such as wood burning stoves, and agricultural areas. Lastly the final source are the natural sources, which are things such as wildfires, volcanoes, and wind-blown dust. Since the Area sources and natural sources are so minute compared to the stationary and mobile sources, they barely have an effect on the park’s ecosystem. From information gathered from the Environmental Protection Agency which is an agency for the United States Government

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