National Legalization of Marijuana Essay

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National Legalization of Marijuana
William Pollard

ECPI University

National Legalization of Marijuana

The United States of America (U.S.A) has a trillion-dollar deficit. They are consistently looking for ways to lower the amount of the deficit. Most Americans pay an additional tax on certain commodities, alcohol, and tobacco, commonly referred to as the sin tax. The nationwide legalization of marijuana for the tax revenue that the sale of marijuana will generate specifically earmarked for the reduction of the deficit, will be beneficial for the U.S.A. While the current population of the U.S.A. is 313.9 Million according to United States Census Bureau, and the World Bank (2012). Fifty percent of Americans, 156.95 Million,
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(CCASA Reports, April 2004) Chap V, pg. 15.
Marijuana itself does not lead to other drugs; People take drugs to get rid of unwanted situations or feelings, not everyone who smokes marijuana goes on to use harder drugs. “Some people who have used marijuana never do other drugs.” ( 2014) web. Another study performed by Buffalo University stated, “Patients that were prescribed opioid medications became addicted to street drugs.” ( web. 2014. The continued insisting of those who oppose the nationwide legalization of marijuana that marijuana is a precursor drug is unfounded.
Another factor to consider is that the distribution to minors is a primary factor in keeping the laws unchanged. With marijuana, legalized, big corporations will target teens to produce more consumers, as in the early days of tobacco advertisements. Legislation banning advertisements on broadcast media in regards to tobacco products are currently in place; these same guidelines applied to and implemented for the advertising of cannabis sativa products, will prevent the intentional targeting of the nation’s youth.
Current purveyors of medicinal marijuana complained that the bills tax plan is unworkable and unfair.
The medicinal marijuana purveyors have been enjoying a monopoly on the current market; expanding the trade will give rise to new

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