Essay about National Institute For Children 's Health And Development

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According to the National Institute for Children’s Health and Development, “It takes 1,000 hours of lap-time for young children to have the readiness skills in place to learn to read and write.” Although there have been standards in the past to determine whether or not a child was “ready” for Kindergarten, based on their ability to read and write, there are now numerous studies that prove that children need to be ready in all areas of development. Most adults in the past viewed kindergarten as a relaxed environment that was a transition into school, as well as learn formal reading, writing, and math skills that would be needed for first grade through fun guided activities, like arts and grafts. However, due to the current public policy demands that the state of California (and the United States as a whole) that are now implementing higher standards, young children now days find themselves in increasingly rigorous academic programs beginning as early as kindergarten. Unlike in the past, kindergarten students are now required to learn what was previously taught in first grade. Due to this rise in standards, parents now often worry that their children may not have the preparation or maturity needed to succeed in today’s kindergarten programs, due to many parents holding their children back in order for them to be at a higher level of Kindergarten “readiness.” Given these expectations, it is now more important than ever for early childhood educators and parents help children…

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