National Geographic Channel Aired Its New Show Brain Games Essay

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National Geographic Channel aired its new show Brain Games: Watch This in Oct. 9, 2011, directed by Jeremiah Crowell. The settings took place in multiple locations, like park, beach, movie studio, and dance studio. The show also starred Neil Patrick Harris, as the narrator. The rest of the cast are as follows: Beau Lotto, Bas Rokers, John Crawford, Robin Harlan, Sarah Monat-Jacobs, Josh McDermott, Dr. Lera Boroditsky, Daniel Kish, Cynthia Moss, and the research/experimental volunteers. I was amaze at how the director, characters, and the rest of the crew was able to put all aspects to make me understand how our brain functions as far as our perception and senses are concerned. It promotes skeptism, by way of not completely trusting our senses. In this episode of Brain Games, the characters demonstrated and exposed us to our perception of things that are different than what they actually are. It caught my attention when I first saw the title of this show because we discussed perception in our Psychology class and thought I’ll check it out.
Brain Games: Watch This is a show that hacks the human brain using shapes, sounds, motions, colors, language, senses, sensations that created a mind-blowing sensory illusions and how our brain can mislead us. Our perception of things that are different than what they actually are. Each cast has their own unique expertise in each segment of the show. They’re professionals and experts in their field. For instance, Beau Lotto, a…

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