National Cancer Institute Case Study

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Knowledge What I discovered and know from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) was that the NCI was established in the year 1937 (CITATION). The NCI is the country’s most trusted avenue to get any and every information on cancer. It is also the country’s leading cancer research provider and training. The NCI as an organization is part of the National Institute of Health (NIH). It was also among the first institute established under the NIH, and one of the 27 institutes under the NIH (CITATION). According to the NCI’s overview, the National Cancer Institute, which is the federal government’s principal agency for cancer research and training is a team of almost 4,000 people; contractors, government workers, and researchers. The NCI has 30 divisions, …show more content…
While all the stakeholders are working together for the success of the NCI, and mainly for the good health of the patients, they all have the different ways they are interconnected and are related. The NCI is headed by Directors, and all the centers, divisions, and offices under it are headed by Directors too, and their deputies. The NCI is funded by the United States Congress, being a part of the federal budget process, researchers are also funded by NCI so they can continue with their research on how to prevent, screen, detect early, treat, and totally eradicate cancer (if possible) (CITATION). By researching how various cancers can be detected, researchers are able to pave way for what patients are enjoying today, like the colorectal cancer screening, lung cancer screening, breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, stomach, skin or ovarian cancer screening, all with a better outcome for the …show more content…
This structure makes it easy for all responsibilities to be allocated, and for all needed activities to be performed. The organizational of the NCI allows for the meeting of the organization’s mission, so it is a plus for them. There are various kinds of cancer, and so it will be too overwhelming if only one office gets to be in charge of everything, hence the structure that has been in place. The offices, divisions, and centers all report to either the associate directors or the deputy directors, and they (Associate directors and deputy directors) in turn report to the Directors. Thus, the employees are aware of their rights and responsibilities at all time. This structure shows how NCI as an organization work. It also shows how teamwork is fostered by the Different offices, divisions, and centers for the benefit of the organization and the public at

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