National Anthem Research Paper

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In an act of protest, some American citizens have chosen to kneel during the national anthem. The media has been consumed by this controversy. NFL players on the biggest platform, national television, have chosen to partake in the protests. No American should protest the flag and the national anthem because, the anthem and flag are the one thing that all Americans share, it sets a bad example for youth, and it disrespects our troops and veterans. By protesting the flag and anthem, Americans throw away the few things that bring this country together. The united states is already so divided with racism and other issues that fill the public ear. Although it seems as though every American citizen has pride in their country. With that said, Americans settle on the fact that they live in the greatest country in the world despite all the internal issues. Also, by dividing the country, we are opening our weak spot to whoever is …show more content…
When protesting the anthem or flag participants are protesting the people who fought to give them the right to freedom of speech guaranteed by the first amendment. Before an NFL game between the pittsburgh Steelers and the Denver Broncos, the steelers choose not to take the field during the anthem. Former United States army ranger, Alejandro Villanueva, stood in the tunnel alone, hand over heart. His teammates let him stand and respect the country alone. This shows how much respect his own teammates have for him and his service. Villanueva says that all players from the opposing team as well as members of his own team made sure to thank him for his service. If these players actually do respect his service and contribution to the welfare of the country, they should stand and respect the song and flag that Villanueva fought

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