National And Transnational Crime Essay

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Democratic countries face complex economic, social and political problems. One of the most important among these is the rise of national and transnational crime. Community policing presents itself as a philosophy, organizational measure and a set of strategies that aim to not only reaffirm the role of the “police of society”, but also propose measures for reducing the weaknesses and limitations of police institutions in the control of crime and violence. To fight against the threats to democratic security such as terrorism, arms trafficking and organized crime; the country require use of military, security or civilian police.
The Treaty “Framework of democratic security in Central America” was proposed to overcome the rise of crime. The main objective of this treat was to ensure peace to all the inhabitants of the region, provision of the conditions of security that allow them to participate and benefit from national strategies and regional sustainable development; to strengthen a coordination mechanism that operates with competent institutions to make them more effective to fight at all levels against crime (Verbitsky-Savitz & Raudenbush, 2012).
In this context, the focus on security has been changing gradually, in the law enforcement institutions of the world. It is now considered as a human right security which is fundamental for people, for all citizens, as part of the cooperation between the civil society and the State, formulated as a need to ensure this peace and…

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